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You Can resize millions of images for free! There is no software to install, registrations, or watermarks.

How to resize an image?

  • Click on the "Select Image" button to select an image.
  • Enter a new target size for your image.
  • Click the "Resize Image Now" button to resize the image.

Three Alternatives to Photoshop's Image Resizer

While you may have used Photoshop's built-in image resizer before, other options will allow you to accomplish the same task. This software can resize images and convert them to other formats. These are three alternatives to Photoshop's photo resizer. These tools may prove to be of use to you.

Photoshop's built-in image resizer

You have two options when resizing an image to fit a smaller format. First, you can save the picture as a JPEG or create a separate folder. You can resize for Macs using the Finder or by pressing Control + Shift +N on Windows. You can also repeatedly run the image resizer program by selecting File > Scripts> Image Processor.

A batch action is the third way to use Photoshop's built-in image resize. Batch actions can be used to automate complex processes, such as resizing multiple photos. These actions can be used to save multiple images at once. You can also create multiple batch actions to process multiple images simultaneously. These actions can be used to maximize Photoshop's built-in image resizer.

Alternatives to Photoshop's built-in image resizer

Although Photoshop is a great image editor, its built-in image sizer is not optimal for many purposes. Although it's easy to use, it can be slow to open. You can resize images using your operating system's default viewer. Instructions for Windows and macOS vary. Online editors are also available to resize images without needing Photoshop.

GIMP is an open-source program for photo editing. It has essential resizing tools and many basic photo editing capabilities. Simply open your source folder, select the image and then use GIMP. Drag the image to the workspace. Click the "Resize" button to adjust the resolution and file format. You can also modify compression, megabytes, or kilobytes.

Alternatives to Pizresizer

You've found the right place if you're searching for a free alternative PIXresizer. These apps are mainly Image Converters. However, some of them also include image editors and optimizers. You can filter your search by functionality to narrow down your results. Below are the paid and free versions of PIXresizer. You can further refine the list by price and platform.

Alternatives to BeFunky's image resizer

This is a free alternative for BeFunky's image rotator. You can resize images to any size using a simple interface. A percentage scale can be used to adjust the height and width of an image. You can adjust the size of your image by unchecking the box labeled "Lock Aspect Ratio." Then, choose the height and width that you prefer. This feature can impact the quality of your photo.

Picnik is another free alternative to BeFunky's image rotator. Picnik allows you to resize images using a drag-and-drop interface. You can also choose compression, kilobytes, or megabytes for your file size. This tool can be used for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as email. You can also upload images for Google's display network.

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